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Canon TS-E 50MM F2.8 L Macro
  • Canon TS-E 50MM F2.8 L Macro
  • Canon TS-E 50MM F2.8 L Macro

Canon TS-E 50MM F2.8 L Macro

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Canon’s L-series line of Tilt-Shift / Macro lenses offer incredible versatility while delivering pristine optics. The 50mm prime lens from this series boasts exceptional edge-to-edge definition, macro down to 1:2, and a minimum focus distance of just 27.5cm (with a working distance of just 12.5cm). Capture fine detail, maximise depth-of-field, and get up close with this flexible lens.

Key Features

L Series:Canon’s L Series lenses offer the highest quality of build and image quality

Incredible versatility: Use the TS-E 50mm F/2.8 as a macro lens, focussing down to under 30cm, with an enlargement ratio of 1:2, or use the TS-E function for more traditional Tilt/Shift shots

Achieve creative portraits: Combine the effects of the macro and Tilt/Shift capabilities to come up with new and creative flavours for your portrait or studio work

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