Hire Pentax HD DA645 28-45mm f/4.5ED AW SR

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The Pentax HD DA645 28-45mm f/4.5ED AW SR is optimised specifically for the sensor of the Pentax 654Z medium-format DSLR, with a perfectly tuned image circle and an equivalent focal length of 22-35.5mm in full-frame terms. Incorporating a number of Pentax-developed technologies, including advanced lens coating, the lens delivers images that make the most of the large high-resolution sensor of the 645Z.

Boasting a dependable, weatherproof construction, the lens is well-suited to outdoor landscape work, and it also boasts useful extra features such as a Quick-Shift focus system for quickly switching from autofocus to manual. Its rounded diaphragm produces beautiful bokeh, and its autofocus operation is driven by a built-in DC motor.

Mount Type Pentax K
Focus Type AF
Lens Type Zoom
Min Focal 28
Max Focal 45
Max Aperture 4.5
Focal Length 28-45mm
  • First ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for use with medium-format digital SLR cameras
  • State-of-the-art optical design to optimize super-high-resolution images
  • HD Coating and Aero Bright Coating to optimize light transmittance and minimize reflection
  • PENTAX-original, lens-installed SR mechanism
  • Dependable dustproof, weather-resistant construction
  • SP (Super Protect) Coating applied to the front surface of the lens to effectively repel water and grease
  • Rounded diaphragm to produce a smooth, beautiful bokeh (out-of-focus rendition), while minimizing the streaking effect of point light sources
  • Smooth, quiet autofocus operation driven by a built-in DC motor
  • Quick-Shift Focus system for instant switching to manual-focus operation after the subject is captured in focus by the camera's AF system
  • Various filters such as the C-PL (circular polarizing) filter can be attached to the front lens - a very unique feature for a wide-angle lens.