Wex Rental

Account Options

Opening a rental account with Wex Rental is quick, simple and allows you to maximise our rental services, including the 30-day payment terms and no upfront deposit.

Whether you are a high-volume customer, a frequent rental user, or you need a one-off rental service, we offer 3 types of rental accounts to better suit your needs.

Account Option



Rental Fee

One-Off Rental

No documentation required.

Credit card deposit for the full replacement value of the equipment.

Full payment upfront of the rental fee upon collection.

Frequent Users 

One time verification in person or online. You will have to provide a valid photo ID and 2 recent proofs of address (no older than 2 months). Please send the documents to rental@wex.co.uk*

First time deposit only, then no rental formalities.

Full payment upfront of the rental fee upon collection.

Business Account 

One time account application required. Send the application to our credit control department along with valid photo ID. The approval process is complete within 48 hours of receipt of your application form.

No deposit required.

30 day payment terms.

*Approval depends of the residency check results.

Alternatively for further information on all accounts please feel free to call or contact us.