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Wex HEX 21 Speedbox
  • Wex HEX 21 Speedbox

Wex HEX 21 Speedbox

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The Calumet HEX 21 SpeedBox is a durable and easy to use hexagonal softbox for off-camera flashes that creates soft diffused light. Assembles in seconds and mounts directly to most flash brackets, light stands or tripods. Fully adjustable tilting bracket accommodates wireless triggers. The hexagon shape is extremely efficient and produces pleasing catch-lights with a removable inner diffusion panel. Includes HEX 21 Speedbox, adjustable speedlight bracket, tilting bracket and soft case

Key Features
  • Removable internal baffle for the softbox helps reduce hotspots and softens the light.
  • Assembles in seconds with unique locking ring.
  • Quick-release system collapses the HEX 21 SpeedBox for fast storage.
  • Goal post type speed light bracket allows room to use various flash triggers.
  • The tilting bracket can be used as an umbrella mount for your camera flash.

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