Hire Arri 1200 Chimera SoftBox (70cmx60cm)

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£20.00 per day

Price for 1 day £20.00

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  • Daily and Weekend £20.00
  • Weekly Rate £80.00
  • Fortnightly Rate £140.00
  • Monthly Rate £200.00

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A 10% damage waiver fee will be applied to your order in the rental basket unless proof of own insurance can be supplied.

This heat-resistant softbox is designed for use with the Arri 1200w HMI lamp. Constructed from reinforced fabrics that allow for extended use throughout a day’s shoot, the softbox modifies the light to produce a softer, more diffuse effect that is aesthetically pleasing and fantastic for portraits, product photography, video interviews, set lighting, still life and a whole lot more.

Whatever project you have in mind, being able to control your light is key. Enjoy the depth, versatility and power of the Arri 1200w HMI lamp, and pair it with the Arri 1200 Chimera SoftBox to produce brilliant light that flatters your subject in every single shot, with no harsh shadows or blown-out highlights. This is softbox only – lamp available separately.