Hire Lastolite 2mx2m Skylite Kit

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One of the most convenient and portable light-control tools around, this Lastolite kit is fast to set up, easy to break down, and gives you a great deal of latitude to control and shape your light. Each frame is hinged at the corners, and once in position they self-lock, forming a rigid and dependable support for a variety of fabrics and other light-control accessories.

The kit includes a soft diffuser panel and zebra/white panel, allowing you to soften, bounce or otherwise control the light as you see fit. Whether you’re producing portraits on location, shooting products on location, or doing practically anything else with artificial light, you’ll find this kit makes things a great deal easier.

  • Frame
  • 2 x Stand knuckles
  • 1.25 Stop Difffuser Panel
  • Zebra/White Panel
  • Carry case