Hire Profoto 1x4 ft RFi Strip Softbox (30cmx120cm)

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  • 1x4ft (30x120cm)

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£16.00 per day

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  • Daily and Weekend £16.00
  • Weekly Rate £64.00
  • Fortnightly Rate £112.00
  • Monthly Rate £160.00

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RFi stands for “Recessed front, improved” these softboxes are compatible with profoto RFi speedrings with helpful colour coding for quick assembly.

Profoto produce well-engineered light-shaping tools, this 30 x 120 cm striplight (1 x 4ft softbox in old-money) is useful in a whole host of situations. Uses include: Providing soft and directed lighting for portrait photography, subtle lateral fill-in for product shots, generating long thin catchlights on reflective surfaces, and a whole lot more, both in the studio and on location. This large softbox will prove useful in all sorts of ways.

An exchangeable internal diffuser ensures a low level of light fall-off even in such a large softbox, allowing you to efficiently control your lighting systems for optimal effects.

Add the dedicated RFi softgrid to your order to reduce light spill and increase your lighting control.

  • 1x4ft (30x120cm)