Hire Profoto B2 OCF 2x3ft Softgrid (60x90 cm)

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Joining Profoto’s modular system of more than 120 light-shaping tools, the Profoto B2 OCF Softgrid 2x3' (60x90 cm) fits into Profoto RFi softboxes, all of which have a recessed front specifically designed for the attachment of the Softgrid. The Softgrid reduces light spread to a more confined beam, making the light more directed and efficient by eliminating spill light.

Shape the light with complete and total precision while retaining the soft and aesthetically pleasing look of a softbox – the Softgrid slots right into a Profoto setup involving the B2 and a softbox.

  • Softgrid for 2x3' (softbox available separately)