Hire Quantum QFlash SoftBox 12x12in (30x30cm)

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  • 12 x 12 Inches (30x30cm)

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Pair this 12x12-inch softbox with the Quantum T5DR for a beautifully soft quality of light that is perfect for flattering portrait subjects, shooting products, still-life tableaux and a whole lot more. The Quantum T5DR is a powerful source of artificial light, and the best way to tame that light and make sure it’s working for you is with the Quantum 12x12-inch softbox.

Attaching easily to the T5DR, the Quantum QFlash SoftBox 12x12in is a light and inexpensive addition to any photographer’s kit bag, and is a great way to make your shoots go much more smoothly, netting you great results in-camera. Whether you’re working in the studio or taking on a location shoot, this softbox will add a huge lift to the results you’re getting.

  • 12 x 12 Inches (30x30cm)