Hire Sunbounce 6ftx4ft Pro Bounce (1.8mx1.2m)

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A strong, light and reliable reflective screen, the Sunbounce 6ftx4ft Pro Bounce provides a high degree of surface tension when set up, ensuring no bumps, dents, wobbles or divots and thereby producing a clean and precise reflective output. From one end of the panel to the other, the strength of the reflection is the same, ensuring you know exactly what kind of light you’re producing.

The silver/white panel is flicker-free, quick to set up and always ready to go. This kit includes both panel and frame, meaning you have everything you need to start controlling your light for precise, aesthetically pleasing results. One of the lightest portable reflector systems on the market, with no component longer than 53 inches, the system is portable and easy to take onto a location shoot.

  • Sunbounce Frame
  • Silver/White Reflector