Hire Sympla Handheld Shoulder Rig (with Genus Follow Focus)

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Designed to allow easy and comfortable support of HDSLR rigs on the shoulder, the Sympla Handheld Shoulder Rig boasts swivel-joint Adjustable Handles for both hands, as well as a Horizontal Offset elements that allows the user to place the Variable Plate (where the camera attaches) in front of the eye, making it easy and comfortable to frame your shots while using the rig.

Comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, the Sympla Handheld Shoulder Rig is ideal for a day’s shooting, whether you’re working in documentary, news, events or really any other kind of filmmaking. This kit also come with Genus Follow Focus.

  • 1 x MVA513W Fixed Plate Mount with camera plate                                   
  • 2 x MVA520W 300mm Rods                        
  • 4 x MVA523W 150mm Rods                        
  • 2 x Rod Extension Screws                            
  • 1 x MVA518W Adjustable Handles                           
  • 1 x MVA511W Shoulder Pad                        
  • 1 x MVA521W Counterweight                                   
  • 1 x MVA519W H-Offset                                
  • 1 x Genus G-SFOCDSLR Follow Focus                              
  • 1 x Genus Gear Ring                         
  • 1 x Full Instruction Manual                             
  • 2 x R504,55 accessory adaptors                   
  • 1 x Case with custom insert