Nikon TC-17E II AF-S Teleconverter

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The Nikon TC-17E II AF-S Teleconverter is compact and lightweight, and features a powerful 1.7x magnification factor and 1.5 stop exposure compensation for the AF-S, the AF-I and Nikon VR telephoto lenses. Teleconverters are an affordable way for photographers looking to expand their reach and are ideal for sports, wildlife and more. Nikon integrated coating (IC) enhances light transmission efficiency, improves colour consistency and reduces flare.

Teleconverters enlarge the central area of the image produced by a telephoto lens. The central area of the image is always the sharpest so a teleconverter boosts the best part of your image. Teleconverters also fit some tilt and shift Nikkor PC-E lenses for a wider range of creative options from each optic. 

Mount Type Nikon F (FX)
Focus Type AF-S
Lens Type Extender/Teleconverter