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Profoto Giant Reflector 180cm/6ft (Parabolic)
  • Profoto Giant Reflector 180cm/6ft (Parabolic)

Profoto Giant Reflector 180cm/6ft (Parabolic)

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Since the light source is so large the lighting still appears soft with a distinct brilliance, which for instance brings out structural details in materials. These giant reflectors accept all Profoto heads, including our Tungsten heads.

The Profoto Giant Reflectors offer the truly parabolic and focusable silver reflector 180 cm (6 ft.) for an extra-wide and at the same time crisp and very even light.

The Giant Reflector 180 features the sought-after deep parabolic shape for true parallel light output. The reflectors are made out of 20 sections; more than double that of the former models. The result? Brighter and more evenly lit subjects, plus a substantial gain in precision when shaping the light.

The centre pole consists of two rods that can be used individually or combined, for maximum freedom when positioning the head. By using the rods differently, there are four different ways of positioning the head, corresponding to anything from a large size spot to broad floodlight.

With a 40 percent larger reflector area than the previous largest model, the new Giant Reflector 300 is the biggest light shaping tool Profoto has ever produced. Measuring a full three meters (10 ft.) across, the Giant Reflector 300 can provide the photographer with a seven square meter wall of crisp silver surface. That means a whole new way of working with large subject areas.

The reflectors provide swift mounting and removal, and on the back of the units, there is an opening for the electric cable to the lamp head.

The new Giants are all built for heavy-duty use during intense photography sessions.

Key Features
  • 180cm/6ft
  • Silver
  • Creates a giant light source.
  • Extra deep, true parabolic shape.
  • The focus can be adjusted by exchanging the center poles.
  • Designed to withstand years of professional use.
  • Can be folded to save valuable studio space.
  • Optional front diffuser available for a softer light spread.
Instruction Manual

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